Skid Loader Service and Repair


Running a landscaping or construction business, you know how important properly functioning equipment is. If your skid loader isn’t working or needs service, this can slow down your business and cut into profits. Just like you need the right equipment for the job, you can rely on us to provide you with the right service for your skid loader. We provide quality service that you can rely on with over 30 years of experience. Call today for skid loader repair, maintenance, and other services!

Is your skid underperforming? With our diagnostic equipment, we can perform comprehensive testing to pinpoint the source of the issue and get you back on track quickly.

Don’t wait for a mechanical problem to put your skid unexpectedly out of commission. With our maintenance service, we can keep your skid loader in the best condition and troubleshoot any issues in the early stages. This saves you time and money down the road.

We can repair those “minor” skid loader repair jobs before they turn into a major business expense that reduces your profitability.

Sometimes you can’t avoid a large skid loader repair. You can trust us to get the job done with speed and efficiency, even if it requires a complete rebuild of a part or component.

Hydraulic systems are the core of skid loaders and other types of heavy equipment. We have the ability to maintain and repair all the components in these complex systems in-house, including pumps, cylinders, motors and more.

We keep the engine of your skid loader operating at peak efficiency. Your equipment will be more productive, and you’ll also keep your fuel costs under control.

Skids contain several important components such as lift arms, buckets and quick couplers to accommodate attachments. We’ll ensure that all these parts are functioning correctly.

We have the capability for in-house welding which allows us to make many challenging skid repairs that will prevent the need to buy new replacement parts. We can also fabricate specialty parts and components.

Get the Best Repair

Having the right landscaping and construction equipment repair shop to solve any unexpected issue is a necessary tool for business owners and site managers. Good leaders are prepared to handle any situation or know when to bring in an expert to handle it on your behalf. Macomb Skid Loader’s heavy equipment repair team is the best place for skid loader repair near you.

Macomb Skid Loader doesn’t just have the experience of over 30 years as a skid loader repair shop, we also provide fast, quality service to get you back on the job faster. The faster you can get your skid loader fixed, the faster you can get back to running your business smoothly. Some of our skid loaders and construction equipment we work on are from contractors, businesses, or individuals from Shelby Township, Utica, Warren, Macomb, Rochester, Troy, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, and surrounding areas.

For any skid loader repairs or maintenance, you can bring in your landscaping or construction equipment to our shop located in Shelby Township on 22 Mile Road near Ryan Road. Our expert technicians work on all makes and offer a full suite of skid loader repair and maintenance options including loss of hydraulics on skid, skid won’t won’t start, or if your skid loader quit working.


Skid Loader Repair & Preventative Maintenance

From skid loader hydraulic motor repair to skid loader motor repair and installation, our experts can handle it all. The work for landscaping and construction businesses rely so much work on having the right heavy equipment repair for the job. Having the manpower alone without properly functioning equipment can’t help your landscaping or construction project run smoothly. That’s why when your skid loader breaks, you need to get it repaired as quickly as possible.

As an example, when your skid loader breaks down just before or during a job, you can bring your construction equipment to our skilled skid steer mechanics and get back to the job quickly. As crucial as emergency repairs are, we also offer preventative skid loader maintenance and inspections. In the same way that cars and trucks need inspections, your skid loader needs inspections and maintenance as well. Our technicians can perform these maintenance inspections and periodic tune-ups as part of our preventative maintenance program.

During a Macomb Skid Loader inspection and tune-up, our skid loader mechanics will solve regular wear and tear issues, while performing a comprehensive inspection for any signs of a potential breakdown. Our scheduled maintenance program can allow your skid loader to run longer with fewer issues and identify small issues before they become larger and more expensive.

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